What is TWIYO?

What does it stand for and what is it all about?

TWIYO stands for; 'The World Is Your Oyster' by the way and indeed it is.  The magazine is for all of you who are setting off into the big wide world, whither it be into the world of work and into a new career, off to University or college, or off on your travels; gap years, University exchanges or working abroad.  The magazine is also jam packed full of creative fiction, artwork and photography all written, drawn or taken by students and young people like yourselves.


The most important thing is that the magazine is written by YOU and other young people like you who are actually at University, travelling or working!  So you will be getting the scoop on all these topics straight from the source, with all the facts and no waffle, only people's real experiences!


Participating by writing and/or helping with distribution of the magazine means you are supporting many aspiring writers.  You are also doing valuable work experience to boost your CV for future employment.  You are not only getting your work out into the world, you are also developing you sales and marketing skills, as well as liaising with other writers, expanding your network and potently making new friends!


Jeffrey Louis Salkilld founded the magazine after an introductory talk at his University on publishing from the successful entrepreneur Ed Pereira inspired him to design his own magazine.  With the help of his friends and the flood of submissions the magazine has grown and flourished.


We welcome ALL submissions, the editor will consider everything and if we have to turn your away we will ALWAYS give you feedback and let you know why.  We welcome anything from artwork or photography, short fiction and poetry, to gig, film and book reviews. We would also love to hear tales from your travels or place of work and any exciting real life experiences. If you’re a budding writer like we are then this is your chance to see your work in print!


Please E-mail all submissions to: submissions@twiyo-magazine.com by visiting the Contact us page.  Please read the submissions guidelines before submitting and check the FAQ's page before e-mailing me any questions.  Thank you.


Want to read/see more work from our writers?

 Below are some links to our writers and contributors own websites:


Emma Lander - Writer: https://www.emmalander.com/ (her writing will be featured in future issues)

Adam Bannister - Writer/Artist:http:/www.bakure.deviantart.com/ (his writing and artwork was featured in issue three-May/June and his writing will appear in future issues)

Sarah Talbot - Photographer: https://www.sarahtalbotphotography.com/ (her photography was featured in issue three-May/June and will appear again in the November/December issue)



Contact the Editor for more information. Your advert will be a full A5 page of the magazine and will be featured HERE (or on another page of your choice) for two months.  Please entitle your e-mail TWIYO to ensure that it doesn't end up in the spam folder: Contact Us

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