Does the copyright of my work remain my own?

Yes, all copyright remains with you, I am simply publishing your work. 


Can I write an article for a new/different topic than mentioned in the submission guidelines? Can I express my opinion or does my work have to have a neutral perspective?

Yes you can write on any subject as long as it is well written and that can be fiction or fact. Articles can be neutral or opinionated as long as they are not rude or insulting someone’s religion (for example).


Will I be paid for my submission?

You will not be paid for you work but all copyright remains yours. You may or may not have tried to submit work to mainstream magazines but they rarely take students work and the idea of 'TWIYO' is that you can get your foot in the publishing industry and put on your CV 'contributing to a popular student magazine' etc.


The submissions guidelines states that you accept short stories but can I submit a longer story?

You are welcome to do a serial but please bear in mind that the magazine is out every two months and some people may forget what they read in the issue before. However all the issues will be available as PDFs on the website so it should be fine if people want to backtrack. I would need to know how many issues your serial would cover so I can save a slot for it each issue.


When is the ‘deadline’ for submitting work?

There are NO deadlines!  We are always accepting submissions.  If an issue has just been published then you will have to wait until the next one and also we often have a backlog of articles waiting to be published becuase we get so many submissions but PLEASE send us your work anyway because we always try to fit as many people in as possible.


How else can I contribute to 'TWIYO' other than writing for the magazine?

As well as looking for writers for the magazine I am also looking for help with marketing ideas, people to help me distribute the magazine, people to help find advertisers to help fund the magazine and ideas to help improve the website.




Contact the Editor for more information.  Your advert will be a full A5 page of the magazine and will be featured HERE (or on another page of your choice) for two months.

Please entitle your e-mail TWIYO to ensure that it doesn't end up in the spam folder: Contact Us

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