Magazine Submission Guidelines


The following information is relevant to all the below topics:


·        There is no set or required theme for any submissions and all work must be well written and readable and suitably ‘censored,’ although subtle sexual references are fine, especially if used in a clever or amusing manner.

·        Length: 1,500 words for articles and short stories is a good length, that will cover a double page spread, I will accept up to 2,500 words but the shorter stories probally get read more by our student readers.  Microfiction/flash fiction 500 a piece (see creative fiction section for more details), travel writing; short articles, again 1,500 to 2,000 words max but for featured countries up to 3,000 words plus pictures will be accepted (see section on travel articles).

·        Please include in your e-mail; the name you wish to be referred to as the author/artist, your University or place of study (if applicable), a portrait photo, or the best photo of you (only if you want, this is not compulsory if you do not want to be pictured) and your submission, preferably in a word or publisher document and as an attachment. 



This is the most open genre, from all text articles to fact files, information on your course at Uni/college, current events, funny real life stories (separate to creative fiction), articles with pictures.


Travel Articles:

Each magazine is often focused on a country so it would be best if you submitted a travel article on a focused country (see Sneak Peek page in the magazine for upcoming countries) or e-mail me for more information. Please feel free to suggest a country , bearing in mind we can only do an issue on that country if we manage to find at least one other writer to do an article on it. Travel articles are best if submitted with pictures. Most of you would have taken pictures on a digital camera if you went abroad so this shouldn’t be a problem. We will take work without photos but cosmetically your writing will be better received in this genre if it is accompanied by images. If you are writing on the featured country then you can submit up to 3,000 words but bear in mind most students’ attention span when reading a magazine for leisure.


Creative fiction:

Complete short stories please, 1,000-2,500 words (2,500 is MAX length, 2,000 or less is ideal).  If you wish to do a longer story in a series form please contact us. With this genre there is also the option of microfiction which is stories of 500 words or less, if you submit these it may be a good idea to submit two or three so we can make a page for you but this is not completely necessary. Your story/stories should ideally have a title.



Again any style, topic is accepted. If the poems are short them you may wish to submit a couple so I can make you a page.  If you submit four or five we will make you a double page spread, it is nice to have a picture of the poet for the double page layouts but not compulsory.

Gig/film/music/theatre/book reviews:

These should include the name of the reviewed item e.g. name of gig, the place it was held/where you went to see it (not relevant for albums or books of course), any pictures if you took any, generally your experience and what made it good/bad and any interesting facts/opinions. If there were any celebrities at you gig/show etc then something about them (even if you don’t like them) as this is something your audience will be interested in.


Work experience Write-ups:

Pretty self explanatory. Should include the place you worked at, how you got there, how you got the placement, your job/roles in the work place and generally your experience.



Any media, any theme. Must be something you have put some effort into but impressionist and abstract work is of course accepted, just tell us that’s what it is in your e-mail. Please include the piece title (if there is one) and you could also write 500 words on what inspired you etc if you want. Generally the same with photography.


We hope this is helpful. Please feel free to Contact Me for any more information but please read the FAQ's page first to see if your question has already been asked.


J. L. Salkilld

Chief Editor and the team at TWIYO Magazine




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